1. Procurement of Coconut
We procure matured coconuts with high yield from the farmers. Our Procurement areas are all over Kerala

2. Separation of nuts from shell
Manually broken dehusked coconuts are sun dried for a day and nuts are separated manually on next day.

3. Copra making
Extracted copra are direct sun dried for more than three days to get the required moisture content.

4.Chopping of copra into pieces
Copra is chopped mechanically into pieces through cutter driven by electric drive.

5. Roasting in cooker
The chopped pieces are roasted in cooker with steam for more than 45 minutes.

6. Crushing in expeller
Chopped and roasted copra is crushed in oil expeller in two stages.

7. Separation of cake particles from oil
The cake particles in extracted oil are separated mechanically using vibrator.

8. Double Filteration
The extracted pure coconut oil is filtered twice in different filters to get the finest quality.

9. Storage in tanks
The filtered pure coconut oil is stored in closed tanks for packing.

10. Packing
The packing is done using multi layered films, bottles, cans and tins.

Delivery Process

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Tracking the Package
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